Walker’s Breakie Tartine

Jul, 29 2014 by Joy McCarthy

Every summer we take some time off from working at the joyous health HQ and travel! Not only do we get some much needed rest and relaxation but I always get a megadose of "foodspiration" from other cultures near and far. This summer we have been travelling through Europe - Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic. The first leg of our trip we stayed at my father-in-law’s beautiful home in southern Austria, a couple hours north of the Italian border on lake Wörthersee -- this is the lake where IronMan Austria is held every year. The gorgeous view above is from... Read more


World's Easiest Pancake

Hey guys, You know I love my pancakes and I'm pretty sure you do as well because they always seem to be a popular recipe post! Last night I went...

Jun, 25 2014 by Joy McCarthy


Breakfast, Dairy Free

JH_NewRecipe_BlueberryOatPcakes_2 copy

Gluten-free Vegan Blueberry Oat Pancakes

  Hi joyous friends! I made pancakes for breakie this weekend (BIG SURPRISE -- if you know me, you know I'm a pancake monster!!) and as luck would have it...

Mar, 3 2014 by Joy McCarthy


Breakfast, Dairy Free


The Hydrator Juice

Hey guys! I woke up this morning feeling totally craving a fresh juice. Not surprisingly as I've been sweating more these days because I've upped the ante on my workouts!...

Jun, 20 2014 by Joy McCarthy

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Breakfast, Dairy Free


Granola Breakfast in a Mason Jar Recipe

  Hello joyous readers and happy friday! My love for mason jars continues. Hopefully you tried my last recipe Mason Jar Quinoa Salad. If so, did you like it? Mason...

Nov, 22 2013 by Joy McCarthy

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Cucumber Avocado Soup JOYOUS HEALTH

Recipes To Celebrate Mama!

  Dear Joyous Readers, Mama's day is this Sunday which is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your Mom and let her know how much you love and appreciate her. One...

May, 7 2014 by Joy McCarthy

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Breakfast, Dairy Free

fresh juice

Raw Fresh Juices & Yummy Smoothies to Boost Your Immune System

  This morning I did a segment on the Morning Show with the beautiful Kris and we talked about the best ingredients to boost your immune system. I recommend that...

Nov, 12 2013 by Joy McCarthy


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