The Honest Leaf Video Interview + Giveaway


Dear Joyous Readers,

I have a fun and informative video to share with you today! I interviewed expert tea drinker Shelby Kroach, owner and founder of The Honest Leaf tea. Here’s what you’ll learn in this vid:

The health benefits of tea.
Key ingredients in tea for energy.
Key ingredients in tea for detoxification.
Key ingredients in tea to aid sleep.
What ingredients to avoid in tea.
Loose or bagged?
Why Shelby loves tea and the story behind The Honest Leaf.


p.s. We apologize for our noisy neighbours from above!

I have a great giveaway!!
1 lucky person will win Shelby’s entire line up of
The Honest Leaf tea as pictured below.


Contest Is Now Closed:
Congrats to our winner!

Joy McCarthy

Joy McCarthy is the vibrant Holistic Nutritionist behind Joyous Health. Author of JOYOUS HEALTH: Eat & Live Well without Dieting, professional speaker, nutrition expert on Global’s Morning Show, Faculty Member at Institute of Holistic Nutrition and co-creator of Eat Well Feel Well. Read more...

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  • I love tea anytime of day but I find it especially soothing during long studying hours or reading. Would love a chance to try The Honest Leaf tea.

  • I love tea anytime of day. I drink it mid morning, early afternoon and sometimes early evening. Peppermint and green tea are my favourites.

  • I absolutely LOVE tea! I especially love it in the winter (I definitely enjoyed it this past winter!), but also find it soothing every other time of year! I often use tea to satisfy my sweet cravings and to prevent me from experiencing a 3pm low (It also prevents me from reaching for that chocolate bar!!!) I would LOVE to try this brand :)

  • My favorite time to have tea is at night before bed. It is a nice treat and it helps me wind down.


  • In the morning! Green tea gets my day started off on the right foot.

  • My absolute favourite tea at the moment is green tea, as I’m finding that it gives me an extra energy boost that is needed in the afternoon. I also love all of the health benefits that green tea has to offer. I am also crazy about anything with ginger in it. Finding a natural tea without unnecessary added ingredients is important to me, so I would love to try this brand of tea!

  • I love tea anytime but especially when reading a book and before bed

  • Tea time any time! Green tea with jasmine and peppermint are my favorite!

  • A nice, refreshing cup of green tea is how I love to start my day :)

  • I love having a tea during my 30 mins of me time when I get home from work before my own children come in from school! Lemon ginger tea, a good book, and a cozy blanket :)

  • I love a hot organic chai tea in the morning instead of a coffee!

  • I love tea any time of the day. I especially love a nice cup of tea when I dpend sacred alone time.

  • I am a huge fan of enjoying a cup of tea (or two!) on weekend mornings.

  • I love to drink tea anytime… as long as my sister doesn’t accidentally dip her foot in it like she does sometimes!

  • Honestly I really love coffee most of all still but enjoy buying various teas to enjoy according to mood or health needs. I prefer organic and sustainably harvested (or herbs from my own garden). Our winters are loooong and I tend to drink tea in the afternoon and evenings to warm up but also live herbal iced teas (my kids do too). I look forward to checking out this brand:)

  • If I happen to awaken during the night, instead of tossing around in bed, I have a cup of tea, read for no more than 1/2 hour and go back to bed…and crash!

  • I LOVE tea, & drink various varieties and flavours all throughout my day, everyday. But my very favourite time of day to enjoy a cup is winding down with my hubby after we have finished putting our 3 beautiful kiddies to bed.

  • I love having a cup of white tea as soon as I get to work in the morning. It is very calming, and helps me start my day the right way!

  • I am a tea drinker, I never did get why people love coffee so much! I drink tea in the morning and usually before bed… And sometimes with my lunch:) These teas sound amazing!!!

  • Tea anytime, but I really enjoy it at 3pm for some reason.

  • Yes to tea! Anytime… I have one cup in the morning with breakfast, one in the afternoon with a snack..and one before sleep with a treat.. Love trying new flavours!

  • I am wildly obsessed with tea and love tea most anytime it is shared with friends!

  • I love tea anytime of the day, but I often find myself having a cup of tea with some honey, when I am craving something sweet. A healthy alternative to junk food. :)

  • I tend to drink tea more often in winter, but I’ve been wanting to get into it more lately and these teas sound delicious! I love that all the ingredients are listed and no flavorings are added.

  • I love tea anytime of the day. I drink only tea and water. I love to enjoy a cup of tea in the morning to start my day after my lemon water.

  • I love tea anytime, but my absolute favorite cup of tea is always either early in the morning or at dusk… when the world gets a little quieter and I can sit outside on my porch and enjoy the tea and the world around me.

  • I have a green tea of some sort (either straight up green or flavoured, all organic, no artificial flavours) right after supper and a tea of some sort (either green or white or herbal) after lunch. On the weekends, I will change up my afternoon with anything whether it’s herbal, black, matcha, mate, pu’erh, rooibos.

    I love tea.

  • My favourite tea time is in mid-afternoon. Sometimes I get that mid-afternoon slump, and I love reaching for organic green tea or black tea at that time. Motivates me to keep working and going! Right now I’m drinking Yogi’s Green Tea Kombucha every afternoon :)

  • I love tea at lunch time. It’s the perfect way to relax before getting back to a high-energy afternoon!

  • I love drinking both hot and cold teas throughout the day! Hot in morning and night…Ice cold throughout the day

  • I LOVE drinking tea any time of the day, especially in the morning when I first get into work and also whenever a friend stops by to chat….there will always be tea!

  • My favourite tea time is the morning after my lemon water!

  • I love drinking tea once I get to work or after meals.

  • tea is great all the time, but my favorite would have to be at night! i love cozying up with a nice hot mug before bed :)

  • I am enjoying a cup of tulsi tea right now. I drink different teas throughout the day but my favorites at the moment would be matcha green tea in the mornings, peppermint/ginger after meals, Yogi Tea’s Chai Black with coconut milk and stevia :), and the tulsi (holy basil). I have a healthfood store and am always looking for great teas. Thanks Joy! Love the info always!

  • Hi Joy! Since I am not having coffee anymore :) these teas would be amazing. I love drinking tea in the morning. Thanks!

  • Love a good Earl Grey while soaking in the tub; Bengal Spice tea anytime, but particularly Oct – Jan!

  • I drink tea 3-5 times per day but my favourite cup is in the evening before bed!

  • I’ve always loved tea but have really increased the amount that I drink in the last few months. My favourite time of the day to have one is just before bedtime!

  • I love tea any time of day! Especially at night, curled up with a book.

  • One lucky person?
    I wish that could be me!
    I’m trying so hard to drink more healthy tea…
    I’ve tried many brands, from delicious to horrific.
    To win Honest Leaf Tea
    Would indeed be terrific!
    So I’m hoping this comment has caught your attention
    Please consider sending me tea
    Both to energize and ease tension!

  • My mom bought me Downton Abbey for Christmas and if you’ve watched you know they drink tea..a lot!! I found myself doing it to while I watched the shows and found it so refreshing, comforting, and relaxing depending on what blend I chose to drink. I still drink hot tea but here in Texas it’s staring to get hot so it’s time to switch to iced tea..still herbal though!! A night I gotta have my warm cup of sleepy tea! I love tea! I’d love to try all of the honest leaf tea line. They sound SOOO amazing!! Oh, and I love you too Joy!!! ;)

  • My favourite tea time can happen at any time of day, but it’s when I’m sitting on the couch reading a book or knitting.

  • Tea is an anytime beverage for me, in fact I’m brewing some right now. I especially love it in the afternoon when I’m sitting down to work after lunch, or to warm up after a brisk evening walk. Oooh and I LOVE ME some iced tea in the summertime!!!

  • One of the first things I do when I get to work is make myself a nice cup of tea. Usually it’s a spicy chai or jasmine green tea, which gives me a little boost of energy to start the day. It’s a nice way to ease into my work, with a warm tea at my side :)

  • I love drinking tea at the end of the day in bed reading a book!

  • I always enjoy tea in the evening, usually before I start watching a movie or reading a book. I think it’s a great after-supper treat. :)

  • Tea is good anytime of the day but my favourite time for tea is with my friends, speaking in British accents and having ourselves a tea party.

  • Would love to try the Honest Leaf tea! Looks like a great product and I love how she used her nutrition knowledge in creating her teas for different functions:). I love enjoying a cup of tea in the evenings to help induce sleep.

  • After work I like to make myself a nice cup of tea, it really help me unwind after a stressful day.

  • I love tea in the afternoon, when I have my 3:00pm slump. It is so nice to just sit down and take a few minutes to enjoy a cup of tea. Then back to work I go, refreshed and able to last until the end of the day.

  • I love a lemon ginger tea in the morning (as recommended by Joyous Health!) Then a nice green or roobios tea as a pick me up in the afternoon at work. Matcha green tea lattes are also a favourite!

  • I seem to prefer to drink tea in the evening after my dinner meal. There is just something so calming about this ritual of mine, and it definitely helps me to unwind after a long day. Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway! :)

  • My fav time to enjoy tea is in the morning or late afternoon.

  • Love tea before going to bed. Chamomile calms me and helps me to sleep.

  • I love to have my tea in the morning. I feel rejuvenated and ready to start the day.

  • My favorite time to enjoy a good cup of tea is when I’m reading to my six month old son. It makes story time enjoyable for mom and baby :)

  • I LOVE tea. I usually have a cup with dinner or as an after dinner snack to relax. Lately I’ve been drinking it in the morning to try and replace coffee as well.

    Thanks for the great video!

  • I love tea in the evenings and to help me feel better during flu and cold season I love anything with ginger!

  • I love tea when I am having food cravings. I find it curbs my appetite especially when it is for something sweet.

  • I love to drink tea at night after my kids are in bed.
    So relaxing!

  • I drink ginger tea before each meal to help with my digestion.

  • Tea time after dinner is perfect to wind down and share stuff during the day with family

  • I drink herbal tea before bed to help me sleep.

  • I love my tea when I’m sitting down at night to watch all my favorite shows! Ahhhhh

  • There is nothing like a nice peppermint tea to soothe your throat and sinuses when you have a cold!

  • My favourite time to drink tea is when I’m reading a great book :)

  • I love tea while eating a square (or two) of Giddy Yoyo chocolate!

  • My favourite time to have tea is in the afternoon on a rainy or cold day when I can curl up with a book and a cup of tea. I love chai tea because it really warms you up and it smells amazing!

  • My favourite time to enjoy a nice warm cup of tea is mid-morning. It’s such a comforting ritual that I always look forward to each day!

  • Love, three tulsi to keep me grounded and horsetail tea to help keep my immune system strong and my hair/nails grow!

  • I enjoy herbal tea throughout the day to ensure I get my 2L of daily fluids.

  • I love having peppermint tea after dinner to help aid digestion. I also enjoy an herbal tea mid afternoon as a pick me up.

  • I have a cup of green tea as soon as I get up in the morning, I usually have a cup of herbal tea in the afternoon at work, and again in the evening after dinner. I have an entire cupboard just for my tea and tea pots!

  • I love having a cuppa tea at night after dinner with a nice piece of dark chocolate :)

  • I love having a “cuppa” tea at night after dinner with a nice piece of dark chocolate :)

  • I enjoy tea throughout the day. I always have a green tea in the morning, an afternoon tea, and an after dinner tea. During the summer, I drink iced tea throughout the day. I also drink tea to help with sleep, digestion, energy, and flu/cold symptoms.

  • I love to drink tea early in the morning, while I’m reading a good book or whilst I’m in class (especially if I have a presentation to do, I find it’s very calming!). I’m dying to try the Honest Leaf Teas’

  • My favorite time to have tea is right before bed! It’s my cue for time to power down. Usually a good ole cup of Chamomile. Love your site by the way!

  • Bah, those neighbors! How did you girls not get the giggles when you made eye contact!? I would have :) I love tea anytime of day. Green in the morning, black in the afternoon and rooibos or herbal before bed.

  • I love tea anytime, but I especially enjoy it when I’m curled up with a good book or movie, or just before I go to bed. I have nearly totally eliminated my coffee intake and don’t miss it a bit. I love loose tea, it is so soothing and fresh. I love white tea and green tea.

  • I love tea to wind down after a long shift at the hospital.

  • Before bed, I love to have a sleepy tea. I usually have Easy Now by Traditional Medicinals.

  • I love having tea right before bed, snuggled in with a good book or movie. It helps me relax and take a breather. :)

  • After a busy day at work and once dinner has been made and enjoyed, nothing is better than a mug of tea enjoyed with my daughter as we unwind from a hectic day.

  • I love tea any time of day, but I always always have a cup with my breakfast.

  • My favourite time to enjoy tea is in the afternoon while at work. I need that moment of warmth and relaxation.

  • I love to have a mint tea around mid-afternoon. The smell and taste are both soothing and energizing at once! It really helps me power through what’s left of my workday.

  • I have my tea first thing in the morning….helps me wake up and start my day!! I drink tea during the day….is my “go to” beverage … In the morning mate/green tea or pur-erh to wake up and warm my body, mint tea after meals and chamomile/linden to help me unwind and relax before bedtime. Love my teas!!

  • I like drinking tea in the day while at work. As much as I like plain water, adding some decaf teas to the water helps me to drink more! I love flavours like mint, ginger and cinnamon. I would love to try the Honest Leaf teas one day!

  • I enjoy a 3pm tea, as a pick me up to get me through the rest of the day.

  • I love tea in the morning to feel refreshed, in the afternoon to take a break in my day and before bed to unwind and help me get the best sleep possible! I will definitely be trying The Honest Leaf brand. Thanks for the video

  • I love afternoon tea time with my girlfriends! We can be anywhere:)

  • I have a hot cup of delicious tea right after supper. It helps me to relax & digest as I think about the things I need to complete fir the following day.

  • I typically ride the streetcar/subway at rush hour to get to my 9-5pm job, and I’ve found the best way to shrug off the daily commute annoyances is to stimulate my senses with a nice mug of tea as soon as I arrive. It’s a great way to relax and hydrate while getting the day started.

  • I love tea any time. At dinner, afternoon pick me up and before bedtime to help peaceful sleep. Would love to try new flavours.

  • I enjoy a good cup of tea after a busy day. Peppermint is my current favourite after dinner curled up on the couch with my puppy and a good book.

  • I had my insomnia cured by just drinking a glass of camomile tea every evening. It releases relaxing chemicals that can help you sleep.