Chopped Kale & Beet Salad Recipe


Dear Joyous Readers,

I’m joyous to share my first ever special guest in a recipe video — my sweet hubs Walker. We love this kale salad and make it regularly. We always make extra so we can have it for an energizing lunch the next day. It’s even better on day two because the flavours have a chance to mingle. Read More →

3 Steps To Come Across With Confidence


I’m a big believer in expressing how we really feel. But sometimes our self-esteem affects our ability to see our gifts and feel true confidence. While it’s important to build up self-esteem, it’s also important to present ourselves as confident even if we’re lacking in confidence. Read More →

My Famous Raw Carrot Cake Balls Recipe


Dear Carrot Cake lovers,

Pretty much everywhere I go these days to teach a workshop or do a book signing I sample my carrot cake balls (a recipe from my book) and always sneak a few for myself of course. In fact, I’m doing a book signing tonight! If you’ve been the recipient of a ball or two, I hope you loved them. I sample this recipe at talks and book signings because it’s the perfect introduction to the delicious, healthy recipes in my book, it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, raw and can even be vegan if you swap out the honey for maple syrup. Read More →

Gluten-free Raspberry Jam Cookies


 Dear cookie monsters past and present,

Rejoice, you can eat cookies! Just because you are on the healthy lifestyle train to infinity (I hope) this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an healthy indulgence now and again. These cookies are just that — healthy gourmet. While I don’t recommend you eat 6 in one sitting, I do recommend you enjoy a couple with a cup of tea. Read More →

The Best Food Guide: Your Intuition


Best Food Guide

Guest Blog Post By: Susanne Mueller

Intuition is a very mysterious thing. We all have it and it is constantly speaking its to us. But rarely do we honor the intelligence that it holds or the answers it reveals to our longing questions. Read More →